Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Yacht the Maraya

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Yacht the Maraya

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The Maraya – Earthy Luxury Sean 'Diddy' Combs

The Maraya is a 54-metre luxury motor yacht that arrived with a price tag of around US$65 million. Constructed in Ancona, Italy in 2008, the Maraya offers the latest in nautical innovation and lushly elegant style typical of Italian design. Elegant curves and powerful lines give the yacht a refined yet powerful look. The internal and external areas are created with absolute enjoyment in mind.

A glimpse within the Maraya

The atmosphere inside the Maraya is a combination between earthy comfort and neutral sophistication. The comfortably furnished living area is adorned with giant jars filled with dried apricots and accent pillows on plush sofas upholstered in soft, cream coloured leather. Books about Africa are placed on the tables for guests to enjoy. Nearly 500 square metres of space provides five deck areas with individual entertainment options. Known as the ‘party floor’, the top deck is like a nightclub on water, complete with a bar, projector screen and a stage for impromptu performances by the owner or any of his visitors from the entertainment industry. Water toys include a ski boat and radio controlled miniature yachts.

Comfortable passage

Nights onboard the luxury yacht are spent in complete comfort. The Maraya guest accommodation serves 12 visitors in six luxury suites consisting of a double master suite, a VIP double suite on the upper deck, two VIP suites on the lower deck, one twin suite and two other suites. The master suite is a lavish stateroom with a private balcony which can be lowered while the yacht is anchored, for complete privacy. Besides lavishly appointed rooms, guests may avail of the attentive service of ten crew members taking care of their needs and more – one of the regular tasks of the Maraya crew is to keep a freshly baked stock of chocolate chip cookies on hand.

Italian elegance and innovation

The Italian super yacht building company CRN Yachts built the Maraya in collaboration with Zuccon International Project and Calude Missir Architecture. CRN Yachts was founded by Sanzio Nicolini in 1963, as Construzioni e Riparazioni Navali (CRN) and remains one of the biggest names in the luxury yacht building industry in Europe. The company pioneered steel and aluminium construction in the ship building industry from as early as the sixties when most companies continued to use wood for many years to follow. Company headquarters are located in Ancona, Italy where the shipyard spans over more than 80,000 square metres. It features a large private marina, more than 250 metres in size with three sizable docks capable of accommodating mega-yachts for construction or refurbishment.

The owner of Maraya – the King of Bling

Platinum selling artist, actor business man and record producer Sean Combs is perhaps better known by his ever-changing stage names – Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy and Puffy. The American entrepreneur was born in notorious Harlem, New York and started his career in the music industry at Uptown Records. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has since become known for various other business ventures including a clothing line and restaurants. He is also a notable philanthropist.


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