Main – Giorgio Armani’s Black Yacht

Main – Giorgio Armani’s Black Yacht

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Featured in many of the top fashion magazines as a backdrop to high fashion photo shoots, the luxurious motor yacht Main is simply beautiful. The fine black finish sets this stunning superyacht apart from all the other extraordinary seafaring vessels in our oceans. It exudes sophistication, class and elegance, just like every timeless classic designed by Main’s owner, Giorgio Armani.

Clean, Tailored Lines

Giorgio Armani originally planned to become a doctor, but dropped out of university after two years of studying medicine to embrace his enthusiasm for fashion. Armani joined the staff of a department store where he worked as a buyer. He moved through the fashion ranks and eventually launched his own brand of menswear, known for its tailored lines and clean cuts. Today Armani is not only a well-respected icon in the fashion industry and the most successful Italian fashion designer, but his brand has expanded to include fragrances, decor items, watches and even boutique hotels. His net worth is approaching US$10 billion and his annual turnover exceeds US$1.5 billion each year – with some of this money being spent on his leisurely pastimes, like cruising the oceans on his gorgeous yacht Main.

Italian Style, Inside and Out

Built by the renowned Italian family-run shipyard Codecasa in 2008, Main measures 65 meters and has a top speed of 17 knots. While Codecasa also took care of the exterior styling and the engineering package, Giorgio Armani collaborated with the ship builders to design the minimalist interior, just as he did for his previous yacht, named Mariù. Main is a sleek lacquered space, created with harmony and balance in mind. Blinds made of birch wood allow light to enter, filter or remain outside, depending on the mood of the luxurious yacht’s occupants. Guests are lavishly catered for in six spacious cabins, a sundeck, an indoor gym, a hot tub and a cinema. There is also accommodation for 14 crew members. Armani’s cabin is one of his favourite areas on the yacht and features a prized antique cabinet from Japan and paneling made of precious materials. The design guru’s other preferred area is the veranda and dining space. Special care was taken to provide both formal and informal seating areas, again imbued with a sense harmony.


The family-run shipyard Codecasa has been building fine seafaring vessels since it was founded in 1825 in Viareggio, Italy. Like his predecessors, Fulvio Codecasa and the Codecasa family have a hands-on approach to building boats. They take pride in upholding old fashioned values while embracing the latest technological advances, and believe that every project they take on should be made to exact order. The collaboration between Giorgio Armani and the Codecasas in creating this exceptional yacht is a fine example of successfully merging two distinctly similar skill sets, albeit in separate industries, into a single venture. Armani describes every day he spends onboard the Main as ‘perfect’.

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