Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s Pleasure Yacht – Regina d’Italia

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s Pleasure Yacht – Regina d’Italia

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Dolce and Gabbana portrait

‘Regina d’Italia’ means ‘Queen of Italy’ in English, and this regal, bejewelled boat certainly fits her name. She is a prestigious yacht, styled with extraordinary balance between flamboyance and minimalism.

Owners – Dolce & Gabbana

Founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985, the world-renowned Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) mainly produces an internationally renowned line of clothing, but also creates shoes and accessories like sunglasses, watches and handbags. The partners do not only share a business, but also share ownership of the superyacht Regina d’Italia. The fashion magnates took delivery of her highness Regina d’Italia in 2006 from the master Italian yacht building company Codecasa. The cost of the vessel is unknown, but speculated as being outrageous. Considering some of the fittings and trimmings onboard, the rumours are bound to be true.

Floating Royalty

To match the superior tastes of the yacht’s owners, the master Italian design team of Lazzarini Pickering Architetti designed the lush interior. Doorknobs are shaped like outstretched hands and are fashioned in gold. Leopard skin throws are dotted around gold-veined marble floors. Even going to the bathroom is a regal experience in the Regina d’Italia, because the taps are also gold and studded with rubies and sapphires.

Not Only Beautiful, Functional Too

The Regina d’Italia is 51 meters long and sports a brazen silver metallic hull. External design styling was done by esteemed boat designers Della Role Design, known collaborators of Codecasa ship builders. The superstructure of the yacht was constructed out of flight-weight aluminum, while the hull was made of steel. The deck area was shaped with top quality teak wood to elegantly display the swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa. A couple of Caterpillar 3516B DITA SCAC propeller engines drive the Regina d’Italia to a cruising speed of around 17.5 knots. Guests and hosts onboard can travel for 4,600 nautical miles on a single tank of fuel. The luxury yacht is exceptionally equipped with the most sophisticated utensils and entertainment paraphernalia, and a gym with state of the art equipment is also available to visitors.

Comfort First

Every area of the vessel is cleverly laid out with the absolute comfort of each guest in mind. Visitors are generally made up of scores of beautiful people, including models and celebrities who join the designers on the yacht for lavish parties. For longer journeys to glamorous destinations like Monaco, the Regina d’Italia can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests and 10 crew members. Every guest suite is lavishly decorated and named after an exotic animal: rhinoceros, giraffe, crocodile and elephant.

What is High Fashion Without Some Frivolity?

Regina d’Italia is an elegant and stylish boat that holds an unexpected quirky element. With entertainment pleasure, D&G’s owners had a 167-foot custom made inflatable water slide installed. Guests, as well as the fun-seeking hosts are regularly seen sliding into the ocean from the top deck. When it is time to sail again, the slide can be deflated, detached and stowed away.

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