David Geffen’s Yacht – Rising Sun

David Geffen’s Yacht – Rising Sun

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Superyacht Rising Sun – Legendary Luxury

Designed by the late legendary Jon Bannenberg and built by German master ship building company Lürssen, the Rising Sun is a 138 meter superyacht built in 2004. It is one of the largest yachts in the world. The Rising Sun was originally bought by Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison but ownership was subsequently taken over by Geffen Records’ David Geffen. The American business magnate and philanthropist first acquired half shares in the Rising Sun in 2004, before taking outright tenure in 2010.

David Geffen


an American business magnate and philanthropist

Known for being the founder of Asylum Records in the seventies and Geffen Records in the eighties, David Geffen was responsible for launching the careers of super rock stars like the Eagles, Guns ‘n Roses and Aerosmith. After two decades of successful operations, David Geffen sold his company to MCA Records for US$550 million. His estimated net worth is around US$6.8 billion. Besides being a kingpin in the record industry and a multi-billionaire, Geffen is also a co-founder or DreamWorks SKG and a noteworthy philanthropist. He generously supports medical research, educational institutes and the arts. The medical wing of the University of California was renamed to the David Geffen School of Medicine after Geffen generously bequeathed US$200 million in 2002. In 2015 he donated US$100 million to the Lincoln Centre, a cultural institution in New York.

David Geffen loves luxury yachts

The Rising Sun is not the only boat owned by Geffen, he also owns the Pelorus, a 115 metre luxury motor yacht. Although not as big as the Rising Sun, Geffen’s other yacht is also on the list of largest yachts in the world. The Pelorus was also not as expensive as the Rising Sun which was reportedly built for more than US$200 million. Considering the unbridled luxury of the superyacht, the price tag is not surprising.


Gefen’s second yacht: The Pelorus, a 115 meter luxury motor yacht.

A yacht made for princesses and stars

Frequented by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Beatrice, the Princess of York, the Rising Sun offers a living area of over 8,000 square metres over five levels and 3,300 square metres of deck space lavishly layered in teak. Jacuzzzi bathrooms and countertops fashioned out of onyx gives the yacht a particularly sumptuous atmosphere. Up to 16 guests can comfortably cruise on the Rising Sun, their every need taken care of by as many as 43 crew members, who can also be easily accommodated onboard the yacht. The Rising Sun has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure with hawseholes plated in chromium. A cruising speed of up to 26 knots can easily be achieved and a maximum speed of up to 28 knots makes longer journeys easier. To further ensure the absolute comfort and enjoyment of every guest onboard, the luxury yacht is also equipped with a full gymnasium, a wide-ranging wine cellar and a sauna and a spa. The basketball court on the main deck doubles up as a helicopter pad when required and the private cinema features an enormous plasma screen offering limitless entertainment to royalty and celebrities alike.


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