Calvin Klein’s Vantage

Calvin Klein’s Vantage

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As an international fashion mogul, what better (and bigger) way is there to express your personal style than with a luxurious superyacht? Millionaire designer Calvin Klein does exactly that with his sophisticated yacht Vantage. Measuring at 150 feet in length, the Vantage was built by the American master shipbuilding company Palmer Johnson Shipyard, and designed by Nuvolari and Lenard – the famous Italian yacht designing company that also designed the interior of the Vibrant Curiosity, owned by Reinhold Würth and Steven Spielberg’s yacht the Seven Seas. calvin klein vantage

The Perfect Party Venue

An ideal vessel for high-flying celebrations, the Vantage was used as the venue of a Cannes Film Festival party drawing many mentions in the press – and even more celebrities and millionaires. Guests enjoy an enhanced exterior designed specifically with entertainment in mind – with Jacuzzis and relaxation pads dotted all over, and also barbecue and bar facilities. The majestic yacht has two decks, one ideal for hosting large parties like the Cannes party and the other a more private sundeck with a breath-taking vantage point from which to view sunsets and sunrises.

Sleek Sophistication

There are a total of six luxurious cabins available to comfortably accommodate up to a dozen guests. Mirroring Calvin Klein’s design style, the décor in the cabins and throughout the yacht was done with an understated elegance. Plush carpeting and rich, warm browns and creams enhance the cosiness throughout the yacht. Skylights allow natural light into the expansive interior during the day, and ambient lighting installed throughout the yacht creates an intimate atmosphere in the evenings. The two diesel engines powering the Vantage can bring the yacht up to a speed of 25 knots.

The Start of a Journey to Fashion Fame

Calvin Klein is one of the wealthiest people in the fashion industry and one of the most famous designers in the world. Born to Jewish-Hungarian immigrants in the Bronx, New York, Calvin Klein had a modest upbringing. As a young boy Klein was more likely to stay inside sketching women’s fashions than joining the other boys outside. He following his passion and enrolled at the High School of Art and Design where he started exploring his talent. After completing high school Klein studied at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, but did not graduate.

He Would rather be Working

Instead of completing his degree, Calvin Klein took a job as an apprentice designer. After honing his skills for six years he launched his own label and opened up a store in York Hotel. His sleek, sophisticated and wearable designs started making waves in the industry and soon appeared in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Eventually Klein became the youngest designer to win the Coty Award.

Calvin Klein Today

As the mastermind behind the tight jeans fad that spread like wildfire in the 1970s, Klein became a household name. His empire has since expanded to include perfumes, accessories, watches and swimwear – and Klein is worth around US$700 million.

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