Sanlorenzo – The Embodiment of Italian Style


Sanlorenzo Shipyard for Exceptional Yachts

Sanlorenzo is a well established Italian shipyard that has been crafting quality seafaring vessels for over 50 years. With utmost respect to the needs of the yacht’s future owners, Sanlorenzo is known for producing tailor-made yachts catering to individual tastes.


The company was established in Tuscany in 1958 by Giovanni Jannetti who called it Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo. The shipyard was located in the city of Viareggio but soon became iconic throughout Tuscany and the rest of Italy. After operating for a few years the shipyard became known internationally. The launch of the innovative SL100 yacht in 1995 hailed a new era in the superyacht world and also cemented Sanlorenzo’s role in the global yachting industry. Before the turn of the century Sanlorenzo moved operations to the province of La Spezia in Liguria and became certified as an environmentally conscious company. In 2005 Giovanni Jannetti handed the reins over to Massimo Perotti, who renamed the company as Sanlorenzo Spa. Two years later a second shipyard was established, back in Viareggio. Between 2007 and today the company has launched several award-winning yachts as well as the historically profound Ameglia product range.

Designing a yacht starts at home

Every customer has their own taste and style. Sanlorenzo celebrates this individuality by carefully establishing how best to translate the customer’s unique preferences into the creation of their yachts. Taking time to observe the decisions made in designing, decorating and furnishing the customer’s home is often a great starting point. Top designers from across the globe are hired by Sanlorenzo to understand and translate the customer’s distinctive style into a quality, tailor-made yacht.

Award-winning excellence

The superior quality yachts built by Sanlorenzo have achieved several prestigious awards, including:
• 2007 – The Sanlorenzo SD92 and 40Alloy were awarded two World Superyacht awards and the Show Boats Design Award
• 2008 – The Sanlorenzo SD122 wins the World Superyacht Award
• 2009 – The Sanlorenzo SL104 wins the Italian Innovation Award
• 2011 – The Sanlorenzo SL94 wins the Vela e Motore Boat of the Year Award

Famous yachts by Sanlorenzo

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, at the Summit on the Global Agenda,

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Although the identities of famous yacht owners are often kept under wraps, it was widely publicized that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum bought a yacht from the Italian shipyard.

In 2013 delivery was made of a 40 meter aluminium superyacht to the ruler of Dubai. According to reports, it took Sanlorenzo approximately a year to complete the elegant and exclusive yacht sporting four terraces with exclusive woods like burned oak and olive ash. Sheikh Mohammed is known for his love for yachts and is also the proud owner of a 162 meter superyacht called Dubai.

Timeless values, timeless design

Besides being 100% bespoke seafaring vessels based on individual customer needs and tastes, Sanlorenzo yachts are enduring masterpieces. Every yacht constructed by the company defies fashion fads and trends and instead becomes a timeless classic. Luxury is established through excellent craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and by using only materials of the highest quality. Sanlorenzo provides exclusivity that cannot be bought at any price tag.