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Proteksan Turquoise

Proteksan Turquoise Yachts

Proteksan Turquoise Yachts Inc specialises in the construction of aluminium and steel luxury yachts ranging between 40 and 70 meters in length. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Proteksan Turquoise is a product of the amalgamation of two of Turkey’s top yacht building companies: Turquoise Yacht Construction and Proteksan Yachts Inc. The merge happened in 1997 and the company has since expanded operations to include two production facilities, one in Guzelyali-Pendik and the other nearby in Golcuk.

A Balanced Approach

Proteksan Turquoise Yachts

Change of Living Room Scenery with Proteksan Turquoise Yachts

While many of the contemporary ship builders choose to meet the demands of consumers by only producing very expensive vessels, Proteksan Turquoise has a slightly different approach. This company aims to build top quality boats that are not only comfortable, but also available at highly competitive prices. Solid policies that cover health and safety and environmental concerns are in place to ensure customer satisfaction and a reduced negative impact on the environment – in spite of reasonable pricing.

Where the Magic Happens

The state-of-the-art facilities at Guzelyali-Pendik can accommodate four yachts, each measuring up to 80 meters, at the same time. This yard is exclusively used for interior and finishing work. The major construction is done across the bay from Guzelyali-Pendik at Golcuk. This is where all the superstructure and hull work is completed and also where the machinery and piping gets installed.

Award Winning Yachts

Despite being conscious of construction costs and selling prices, Proteksan Turquoise has won several prestigious awards in the industry. The company received two awards for the superyacht Yogi in the 2011 World Yachts Trophies, and the beautiful Ileria won the Quality and Value award at the World Superyacht Awards in Amsterdam in 2014.

Beautiful and Functional Ships Built by Proteksan Turquoise

• Mosaique – The company’s pioneering superyacht market offering was the Mosaique, a 50 meter luxury yacht with elegant lines and a range of modern conveniences that include a jacuzzi, sundeck and al fresco dining space. Mahogany panels, top artworks and soft carpeting gives the Mosaique a timeless appeal and the large range of water toys, books and DVDs ensure that guests don’t have a moment of boredom.
• Vicky – One of the largest luxury yachts constructed by Proteksan Turquoise, the Vicky is a 70 meter long grand motor yacht with seven luxurious cabins and a variety of entertainment facilities. Tastefully decorated with a sensible layout, the Vicky was built with ultimate relaxation in mind.

• Vajoliroja – Perhaps the most famous yacht built by Proteksan Turquoise is the Vajoliroja, the Hollywood hero Johnny Depp’s personal luxury motor yacht. The Vajoliroja is a contemporary vintage yacht. It oozes old style class and elegance while offering modern day technology to manoeuvre its sailors safely and in style around the oceans.

When constructing yachts for the rich and famous, Proteksan Turquoise pays equal attention to the exterior design as what they do to the finishing touches. Top designers and decorators are used to create some of the ocean’s most beautiful yachts, while their team of engineers make sure that every vessel is mechanically superior.