Oceanco – Luxury Yachts for Connoisseurs


One of the World’s Finest Yacht Builders

The privately owned company Oceanco is known as one of the most superb yacht building companies in the world. Oceanco constructs full displacement yachts of 80 meters and larger in size. Ocean yachts are built meticulously, with dedication to the wishes of the yacht owner, and with respect to the ocean. Every yachts has a system installed that monitors sea pollution and all Oceanco building methods are audited and improved on an ongoing basis – to ensure maximum environmental responsibility.

A history of excellence

Oceanco was founded in 1987 when a group of private investors from South Africa started yacht superstructure and hull building operations in Durban, South Africa. The group operated under the leadership of Richard Hein, the company’s CEO at the time. After the initial building was done, the yachts were transported to the Netherlands where the work was completed at various facilities. After 15 years of successful operation Theodore Angelopoulos took the company over in 2002, and changed the market offering to be what it is today, luxury yachts of 80 meters or more. In 2010 a private investor named Dr. Mohammed Al Barwani acquired Oceanco. Dr. Barwani has various investments in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Marcel Onkenhout continues as CEO of the company, a role he has held for over two decades. By the time the company celebrated 28 years of existence in 2015, 26 luxury yachts had been delivered to satisfied clients across the globe. The largest yacht produced at that point was 110 meters in length, and several yachts were under construction at the time.

Large scale yacht construction facilities


The state-of-the-art Oceanco dry dock and shipyard are located, around 20kms from Rotterdam in the Netherlands in a town called Alblasserdam. The facility stretches across 8.2 hectares and has direct access to the North Sea through the waterway system. A climate controlled shed can accommodate yachts of up to 130 meters in length and the Oceanco private harbour has a 130 meter quayside. The facility is capable of producing at least two yachts per year and as many as five yachts, in various stages of production, can be constructed at the same time. An elevator and three cranes, capable of lifting up to 20 tons, ensure that transportation at Oceanco is efficient and safe, even at extreme weights. All administration, sales and design work takes place in the Monaco offices.

An eye on the future

With the Oceanco Life After Launch program, yacht owners can rest assured that even after delivery of the yacht is made, Oceanco will keep an eye on it. A team of technical experts are available to answer all questions about the Oceanco yacht, whether it is related to the propulsion, the mechanics or the electrics. Should a more complex situation arise, the fast response team is ready to fly out to help the crew install spares or do complicated repairs – even in remote locations. Oceanco believes that every yacht should be completely operational at all times – and they help owners to achieve this.