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Nobiskrug – Over a Century of Premium Yacht Building

Nobiskrug is a pioneering German yacht building company with a special interest in using innovative materials and ground-breaking technologies to deliver a range of contemporary superyachts. Yachts built by this renowned shipyard are highly unique and each one is customised to accurately reflect the personal vision of its owner. To make this possible, Nobiskrug utilises a team of highly skilled designers, engineers and production specialists who start with a blank piece of paper every time – each project is taken care of hands-on from concept through to completed product.


Nobiskrug officially opened its doors in 1905 when Otto Stork launched the shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany. The company’s first contract was to construct a hopper barge for a client in Denmark and they soon went on to construct schooners. By 1930 Nobiskrug’s schooners became bestsellers. It is interesting to note that some of these vessels are still seaworthy, almost 100 years later. In 1958 the 93.3 metres long cargo ship Bleichen was built. These days the Bleichen is featured in a museum in Hamburg. In years to follow Nobiskrug successfully completed several large-scale projects including a 138.23-metre naval training ship, several cargo ships and car and train ferries – some still in use today.

Evolving with the times

In the 1980s the company started building dive support and research and supply ships. One such vessel, the Polarstern, was also an icebreaker. During this time they also started building oil-recovery vessels and developed the first prototypes of closed lifeboats which is standard equipment on cargo ships around the world today. In 2000 Nobiskrug started building superyachts. They completed one of the largest superyachts of the time, the Tatoosh, which was bought by American billionaire and investor Paul Allen, who also owns the Octopus built by fellow German shipyard Lürssen. The Tatoosh features a large swimming pool, a sailboat tender and a helicopter landing pad. This was the start of an era of superyacht building for Nobiskrug which would continue in years to come.

Facilities and team

From a humble start of 18 employees in a modest shipyard in Rendsburg building a hopper barge, Nobiskrug has grown to occupy three well-equipped facilities in North Germany where over 1,000 highly skilled permanent employees who have undergone the best German vocational training work construct some of the most impressive superyachts in the world. Every member of the Nobiskrug team is passionately committed to producing only the best seafaring vessels. The company offers a complete service that includes hull construction, mechanical work, steel cutting, fitting, electrical work, carpentry and painting.

Guaranteed quality

Nobiskrug is proud of their uncompromising focus on delivering absolute quality, every time. They believe that innovation and tradition are the two elements required to ensure that quality is always observed. The company also continuously invests in maintaining and expanding the skills and qualifications of every employee to ensure absolute quality in every project. Each facility and all working areas contained within are certified for full compliance with proprietary environmental, quality and occupational health and safety standards.