Monte Carlo Yachts – Pioneering and Committed

Monte Carlo Yachts

Total Commitment from Monte Carlo Yachts

The Italian yacht building company Monte Carlo Yachts believes that actions speak louder than words. Dedication to clients is something that is part of their every day function, not just a promise. Customers can rely on Monte Carlo Yachts for human interaction, honesty and reliability while they create beautiful yachts with customer needs at heart.

Breaking the mould

What happens when you put a group of Italian artisans, designers and management staff together with a strong industrial group from France? You get a top quality and beautiful end product. Monte Carlo Yachts, in collaboration with a French group called Beneteau have taken their spot as one of the top yacht building companies in the world.

Timeless luxury MCY65

New fads and trends come and go in the dynamic yachting industry. Monte Carlo Yachts rises to the challenge of creating yachts that express luxury and timeless elegance throughout the changing times. The company places focus on the latest technological advances, and yet every yacht maintains an air of simple grace. Besides classic beauty, yachts constructed by Monte Carlo Yachts are also durable seafaring vessels built with sustainability in mind. Character and responsibility are some of the basic principles the company adheres to when crafting yachts of distinction.

Function and form

Monte Carlo Yachts are proud to be the first in the industry to introduce modular construction in the yacht building industry. Inspired by concepts used in some of the most highly developed industrial industries, the process used by Monte Carlo Yachts eradicates waste and improves every aspect of the building process, from interior design to on-board systems. This pioneering approach to construction has resulted in the company receiving an award from the Industrial Design Association.

Hitting the ground running

In 2009 two top designers Lenard and Nuvolari joined Monte Carlo Yachts leading to the design of the MCY range. With timeless elegance as theme, the two designers worked with the technical and production staff to produce the first of the MCY collection. By the following year the range had already won several awards, including the Motor Boat of the Year award presented in London, the Best Production Motor Yacht in Hong Kong and the Nautical Design Award in Milan. The MCY 76 was also presented at the annual Cannes Yachting Festival in September that year and the Genoa International Boat Show where it won yet more awards.

Sustained achievement

By 2011 expansion was inevitable and Monte Carlo Yachts acquired 18,000 square metres of extra space required to develop and construct additional ranges. Soon the MCY 65 was unveiled at the Cannes where it was dubbed the ‘mini-mega yacht’. Two years later the compact beauty won the London Motor Boat of the Year award. The launch of the MCY 70 followed as well as two prestigious awards, the Fort Lauderdale Editor’s Choice Award and the Cannes World Yacht Trophy. By 2012 Monte Carlo Yachts entered the US market by participating in the Miami International Boat Show and shortly after that also made a mark in South America by attending the Rio Boat Show. The following years included entry into the Australian market and yet more awards.