Mangusta – Innovative Yacht Builder & Industry Leader

Mangusta logo

Mangusta logo

The Mangusta superyacht brand is an innovative industry leader known for creating the first yacht that is large but also comfortable, superbly stylish, and high-powered. Mangusta luxury yachts are technological marvels renowned for their long-range and fast displacement. In addition, the stunning Italian design aesthetics make this brand one of the most alluring on the market. 

The Mangusta philosophy is that every yacht should fuel the owner’s dreams. Therefore, the journey starts with each client’s unique desires and visions. The next step is for the yacht-making team to shape the vessel around these ideas. The completion involves stunning custom interiors, ensuring absolute style and comfort. Every Mangusta yacht is powered by cutting-edge technology and engineering, and styled with the finest Italian design concepts. With this visionary yacht-building company, the only limit is the imagination. 


The Mangusta story starts with Giuseppe Balducci, the founder of the company. Balducci was born in a seaside town where he began working in a shipyard. His talent for spotting future trends and entrepreneurial spirit led Balducci to start his own business. He launched various boat companies and eventually founded Mangusta in 1985. 

The company’s name was chosen for its symbolism in competition with the leading brand at the time – Cobra. Mangusta means mongoose, the only animal that can defeat a cobra. 

Revolutionizing the Yacht Industry

From the very start, Mangusta was a revolutionary brand, bringing innovation to the superyacht world. Until the company launched the Mangusta 80 in the 1990s, open yachts had never reached 80 feet. Buyers simply had to choose between having a fast, sporty yacht or one that is spacious and comfortable. With the launch of the Mangusta 80, this changed forever. Yacht owners could now have the best of both worlds, and more.

Over the years, as yachts grew bigger and better, Mangusta continued to innovate, creating a range of iconic yachts that shot the company into marine stardom. The company’s design and engineering teams continued to create visionary new products, reaching new heights in yacht performance and aesthetics. In 2016, Mangusta introduced the first tri-deck yacht allowing vessels to travel even greater distances at higher speeds, and in absolute comfort. 

Mangusta 130 Forever One

Mangusta 130 Forever One

Mangusta Shipyards

The beating heart of any yacht-building company is always the shipyard. It’s where the innovative designs take shape. Mangusta has three main production sites that closely monitor every step required to build a new yacht, from concept to launch. 

Pisa – Focused on Metal

The production plant in Pisa is located at Darsena Pisana. This is where most of the metal work takes place, especially for the Mangusta GranSport and the Mangusta Oceano lines. The Pisa plant stretches across 22,000 square meters and can accommodate several megayachts of up to 70 meters simultaneously. The location also has a technical department and an expansive showroom. 

Viareggio – The Superyacht Capital

This shipyard mainly builds Mangusta Maxi Open models. These yachts, known for their fast and sportiness, are iconic worldwide. Viareggio is also where the Mangusta headquarters is located. Here, the creative department works on exceeding yacht owners’ style expectations, and a state-of-the-art technical department ensures performance expectations become a reality. 

Completing the Viareggio shipyard’s comprehensive service offering, the 24/7 after-sales department and a quay of expert captains are available to assist yacht owners with any questions or requests. 

Massa – Where Yachts are Created

The Massa plant focuses on all forming and rolling activities required to manufacture a large composite yacht. Massa is known worldwide as a leading shipyard when it comes to upholding the highest standards in technology, quality, production, and quality. 

Exceptional Yachts. In Every Way

Mangusta yachts are particularly suited to the Mediterranean, thanks to their speed and agility. They are extremely popular throughout Europe but also have a worldwide following. The long-range cruising capabilities and high speeds make performance-minded buyers rejoice, while those who are focused on style and comfort are not left behind. 

Produced in Tuscany by one of the few remaining family-owned and operated yacht building companies, every Mangusta yacht continues to exceed expectations. The new Mangusta GranSport line recently set yet another benchmark by merging unprecedented performance with transoceanic range and utmost comfort and style. And so, the Mangusta story continues with a fleet that’s destined to continue shaping seafaring dreams.