Lürssen – Guaranteed Excellence

German engineering meets family values at this master shipbuilding yard based in Bremen Vegesack, Germany. For five generations, Lürssen has taken the same approach: to provide clients with the dedication only a family centred company can offer. Every project is welcomed into the fold and individually catered to. Every yacht leaving the Lürssen yard is a masterpiece created with deep commitment and absolute focus on quality and performance.


Lürssen Shipbuilding company

Established on the 27th of June 1875 in Aumund near Bremen, Lürssen is one of the top shipbuilders in the world. The company was started by Friedrich Lürssen who followed in his father’s footsteps and trained as a boat builder. The Lürssen reputation grew countrywide because of the superior quality and excellent design of his boats. In 1886, Lürssen built the world’s first motorized boat.

The next Lürssen to join the company was Friedrich Lürssen’s son Otto, who trained as a shipbuilding engineer. His technical expertise set the precedent for the company’s advanced standards of technological innovation. Otto’s sons: Gert and Fritz-Otto, were the next Lürssens at the helm of the company after their mother Frieda managed the company for a while when Otto passed away unexpectedly.

In 1975, Lürssen celebrated a century in the business and Friedrich and Peter Lürssen, sons of Gert and Fritz-Otto, received their first shares in the company. Today Lürssen is still a family concern and continues to build top quality yachts, naval ships and special marine vessels.

Famous Yachts Built by Lürssen

Lürssen built some of the biggest, most expensive and most famous luxury yachts in the world. Considered a milestone in yachting history, the Azzam is one of Lürssen’s best known and most prestigious projects.

The Azzam

The Azzam (Arabian for resolute) is an enormous private yacht that was built by Lürssen for the president of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa Al Nahyan. Launched in 2013, the Azzam measures at 590 feet and can travel in excess of 30 knots – very impressive for a yacht that size. Besides having leisure facilities and a helicopter pad, like most luxury yachts, the Azzam’s other features include being six decks high, offering around 50 suites as well as a 29 meter long saloon with no supportive pillars. As of July 2014 the Azzam is still the biggest private yacht in the world.

The Octopus

Owned by Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen, the Octopus is a 414 foot luxury yacht sporting two helicopters, a pool, seven tenders and two submarines. It was built in 2003 and cost US $200 million. At that time it was the biggest yacht of that type ever constructed.

The Rising Sun

Originally built by Lürssen for Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the Rising Sun was sold to David Geffen in 2010. The 453 foot yacht has a private cinema, onyx countertops throughout, Jacuzzi bathrooms, an extensive wine cellar and a basketball court that can double as a helicopter pad.

Other luxury yachts built by Lürssen include Ice, Eos, Topaz and Pelorus – all marvels of engineering and beautiful design.