Invictus Yacht – An Italian Story

Invictus Yacht logo

Invictus Yacht – Beauty and Strength

The Italian shipyard Invictus Yacht strives to exceed all expectations in the highly competitive yachting industry. Invictus is set on being more than the average boat building company; the company intends to redefine the way luxury is perceived in the future of yachting. By doing this, they also plan to help make future yacht owners’ dreams come true. To achieve this ambitious goal, Invictus Yacht has started collaborating with the highly acclaimed Christian Grande Design Works studio. The association between the two companies is the ideal launching ground for exceptional recreational yachts marked by cutting edge technology and sleek Italian design.

Passion for the sea

The Invictus Yacht emblem is a crusader’s shield. The shield represents values like beauty, trust, strength and protection. The technical innovation used in the construction of every Invictus boat ensures safe passage for boat enthusiasts in the world’s oceans, no matter how rough the waters get. The elegant lines and shapes of the boats lend an air of luxury and sophistication, while the interiors are lavishly decorated and comfortably arranged. Great care is taken in meticulously selecting raw materials and upholstery; focus is placed on maintaining comfort, while not compromising on style. The brand offers two ranges of top quality leisure boats, the ‘GT’ series and the ‘FX’ series. The ‘GT’ is focused on leisure and sailing and the ‘FX’ is more sport oriented and technically progressive.

Invictus Yacht’s first market offer

The 280 GT model was the first Invictus Yacht boat to be introduced to the boating world at the Cannes Yachting Festival of 2015. The280 GT boat’s distinctive bow is partially upside down and appears to be very sharp and unusually large. The peculiarly shaped bow not only appears to be bigger than the industry standard, it gives the boat an increased floating length and adds stability as well as offering improved comfort and space in the lower deck. The smooth and clean sides of the 280 GT appear sleek and uniform with elements like air takes and windows simply shaped as elegant crevices. The Christian Grande design style of creating monolithic looking products is apparent in the design of this extraordinary boat. Besides being lovely to look at and practically constructed, the 280 GT is also strong and resilient. Surfaces are machined from solid pieces of material and remain robust against the aggression of waves and the elements.

The Christian Grande studio

Founded in 1992, the Christian Grande studio has been growing steadily and has won several distinguished design awards. The company works on conceptualising new yacht and product designs and restyling existing projects. More than 100 vessels have been conceived or re-imagined over the past two decades. The Christian Grande studio consists of a team of around 15 individuals with expertise in a variety of disciplines including nautical design, interior design and architecture. The studio is internationally renowned for being responsible for top quality products with unique aesthetic appeal coupled with excellent performance.