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Hargrave is a Florida-based yacht design and building company producing high-quality yachts since the 1950s. Hargrave is known for crafting premium yachts with highly individualized designs and superfast sports boats. The brand is so popular that more than half of the people who own a Hargrave yacht have built more than one yacht with the company. Some of these loyal customers are on their fourth new Hargrave, and there is a good reason for that.

Fully Customized Concept Yachts

Hargrave yacht building company makes any seafarer’s dreams come true. They don’t have to compromise on power, design, or performance. With a Hargrave yacht, customers can have virtually anything their heart desires and budget allows. This level of flexibility sets Hargrave apart from its competitors and makes every superyacht and semi-displacement yacht designed and constructed by Hargrave unique. 


Hargrave yachts

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The company has a sterling reputation for innovation, service, and speed. The popular Hargrave models range from 24 to 36 meters, each constructed as a highly individual, bespoke masterpiece. Most of these yachts are powered by high-quality Caterpillar engines sized according to customer needs. And if the customer has a different preference for propulsion, it can be accommodated. 

Furthermore, buyers work with the Hargrave team to personalize every detail of their yachts, no matter how big or small. From the customized superstructure design and the state-of-the-art propulsion system to finer interior design details. Hargrave is open to instruction on materials, color schemes, overall themes, finishes, and layout changes. 

Another point of pride for the company is the speed at which they complete projects. Hargrave even completes the planning phase in the nick of time. Where it would ordinarily take months to agree on a statement of work, Hargrave achieves this in days using a streamlined and flexible process. Customers can choose whether they prefer that a representative from Hargrave travels to them or if they’d like to visit the Hargrave headquarters or the company conference facilities. 

The Early Years

The Hargrave yacht company began its history in 1957 with eminent nautical designer Jack Hargrave as the driving force behind it. A veteran in the industry, Jack worked with other leading yacht brands in the U.S. like Burger, Amels, Atlantic & Halmatic, Prairie, and Hatteras to craft superior vessels. Over the years, his innovative designs bolstered the independent success of the brands he worked with.

After Jack passed away in 1996, Michael Joyce, a company member, took over operations. Michael realized that the industry was undergoing a massive shift and that Hargrave needed an operational overhaul. He saw that the role of the naval designer was evolving and that the company would have to begin building its own vessels to keep up with the times. Michael established an autonomous production facility in 1997. He continued to uphold the proven Hargrave methodology while modernizing company operations to include manufacturing and computer-operated design. 

Hargrave team

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Michael rebranded Hargrave as Hargrave Custom Yachts. For the next two decades, the company became firmly entrenched in the Florida yacht-building industry as a leader in manufacturing medium-sized luxury yachts. 

Operational Excellence

Hargrave’s production facilities can build up to 10 medium-sized yachts simultaneously, focusing on each as a highly individual project. The company also has a design center in Florida, hosting up to six individual projects at a time. For technologically advanced composite hulls, Hargrave contracts only the top external hull-making companies in the industry. 

Hargrave may be known in the Florida yacht scene for crafting superb medium-sized yachts, but the company is in no way limited to more modest sizes. Hargrave builds various yachts between 21 and 42 meters in length at its own facilities. 

When there is a need for a larger vessel, the company joins forces with various international and local partners. One such collaboration is with Kha Shing, a Taiwanese shipyard. Hargrave and Kha Shing have worked together for over 30 years, designing and building premium yachts of up to 42 meters in length.

Lasting Principles, Durable Quality

Hargrave has been around for decades and continues to go from strength to strength. Jack Hargrave launched the company to create unique vessels that are customized to their owners and behave beautifully at sea. Throughout the years, the company maintained its original approach to shipbuilding.

Hargrave yachts are for those who know what they want and are looking for a company to make it happen. It’s for yacht enthusiasts who value design objectives that have stood the test of time but are perfected with modern-day manufacturing strategies and methods. With Hargrave, the only industry standard is premium quality – everything else is customizable. No wonder Hargrave customers keep coming back for more vessels!