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A Century of Shipbuilding Experience – Hakvoort Yacht Builders

Hakvoort Yacht Builders is a Dutch family owned shipyard that builds customised and semi-customised luxury yachts. Hakvoort uses aluminium and steel and typically constructs vessels of up to 65 metres long. The shipyard is located in the historic and picturesque village of Monnickendam and continues to be family operated.

Nearly a Century of History

In 1919 the fishing boat builder Albert Kizn Hakvoort bought a shipyard in Monnickendam on the shore of Ijsselmeer Lake. The shipyard was a historical landmark in boat building and dated back to 1780, when the first boat was launched from here. Hakvoort started his business by focusing on building fishing boats before successfully transitioning to luxury yacht building to meet market demands. In later years Hakvoort also started collaborating with the Moran Yacht & Ship brokerage company in the launch of the Hakvoort Semi-Custom Range 55M.

Yacht Building Facilities

Hakvoort Semi-Custom Range 55M.

Hakvoort Semi-Custom Range 55M.

History rich Monnickendam, where the shipyard is located, was named after monks building a dam there in the 12th century. The Hakvoort team work from purpose-built yacht building facilities that consist of two docking and construction halls that are fully enclosed and temperature controlled. In addition to the halls, the yard also has a large quayside operational base, a metal workshop, a joinery facility and a dedicated office building. Having a full range of facilities located in one area means that every aspect of the yacht building process can happen right there. Besides being well equipped for constructing new yachts, the Hakvoort shipyard also has the resources to offer refits and service to existing luxury yachts. All of its services are undertaken and overseen by around 90 experienced staff members.

Notable Yachts Built by Hakvoort

Hakvoort Yacht Builders constructed and launched the JeMaSa in 2005. It is a 50-metre superyacht that features a split-level sundeck which can accommodate a helicopter pad and a Jacuzzi. The JeMaSa was later renamed as the Hadia when it was sold to Richard Kayne, the co-founder and chairman of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors – known for several high profile investments including Andover Healthcare and 3Cinteractive. Hakvoort also built the Perle Bleue, a luxury 38-metre yacht which was launched in 2007. The Perle Bleue was hailed as being the top displacement motor yacht below the 50-metre mark.

Traditional Values and Craftsmanship

Many years of experience, state-of-the-art technologies and the finest materials and equipment are key ingredients to the construction of many fine seafaring vessels at Hakvoort Yacht Builders. Hakvoort has mastered the construction process in a wide range of quality materials, and can guarantee excellent quality. The Hakvoort team takes pride in being committed to perfection. Absolute comfort and luxury are primary objectives in every project. An atmosphere of personal involvement in the company and in the community makes Hakvoort one of the most popular yacht building companies in the world. When a company is a family business handed down generation to generation, not only the required skills are passed down, but also a deeply rooted passion for the business. This passion is at the heart of everything they do at the Hakvoort shipyard.