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Gulf Craft

Gulf Craft – Luxury Yachts From The UAE

Gulf Craft is an award-winning luxury yacht and leisure boat building company located in the United Arab Emirates. The company is known as an innovator in the industry and has been serving passionate seafarers for over three decades. By continuously investing in industry research and product and service development Gulf Craft has earned a reputation as one of the leading superyacht manufacturing shipyards in the world. The ever expanding portfolio of yachts crafted by the company includes Oryx sport cruisers and yachts, Silvercraft fishing boats and Nomad yachts.


Gulf Craft was founded in 1982 in the UAE by three brothers, Mohammed, Jamal and Abdullah Alshaali and their friend Dr Mohammed Hamdan. The company’s initial service offering fell in the small open boat category. By using a crafted combination of pioneering technology, state-of-the-art engineering practices and classic design techniques Gulf Craft soon started manufacturing a diverse range of premium seafaring vessels between 27 and 155 feet long. In 1992 the product range was expanded to include fly-bridge designs with inboard diesel installations, and Gulf Craft started tapping into the European market. The early 2000s saw rapid expansion into manufacturing larger yachts for an increasingly wide market and this led to a new shipyard being launched at Umm Al Quwain. In 2009 it was announced that the newly appointed CEO would be Nasser Al Shaali and Erwin Bamps was appointed as COO of Gulf Craft. This was followed by the launch of the Majesty 125 superyacht in 2010. In 2014 Bamps took over from Shaali as CEO and in 2017 he announced that the company intends to build more superyachts and megayachts. As in September 2017 Mohammed Hussain Alshaali, one of the founders 4 serves as Chairman of Gulf Craft.

Gulf Craft Facilities

Around 1,600 people are employed at Gulf Craft at four facilities. Two are located in Ajman, UAE; one is a service centre. The Maldives facility is 100,000 square feet large and the Umm Al Quwain, UAE facility now stretches across 462,000 square feet. This facility has two bays for launching yachts and travel lifts that can accommodate up to 150 tons and up to 500 tons respectively. The manufacturing facilities use pioneering technologies including vacuum infusion processes, sandwich construction and water-jet drives.


Over the years Gulf Craft has launched several eminent brands:

• Majesty Yachts
This brand consists of luxury fly-bridge yachts between 48 feet and 155 feet long. The Majesty 175 and Majesty 200 were launched at the Monaco Yacht Show and the Majesty 100 was launched at the Dubai International Boat Show.

• Oryx Sport Cruisers
The range started with the Oryx 27, and has since grown to include the Oryx 36, Oryx 42 and Oryx 43 Fly.

• Silvercraft
This range was launched with the aim of representing a range of smaller family cruisers and fishing boats.

• Nomad Yachts
A range of explorer type yachts crafted with fuel efficiency over long ranges in mind and consists of Nomad 95, Nomad 75, Nomad 65 and Nomad 55.

• Utility Series
Vessels manufactured specifically for transportation including the Waveshuttle 56, Touring 45, Touring 43, Touring 40, Touring 38, Touring 36 and Touring 31.