Fincantieri Yachts – Unique and Exclusive

Fincantieri_logo Fincantieri – Pleasing the Most Demanding Customers

Italian shipyard group Fincantieri is one of the top ship building companies in the world. By drawing on its enormous experience and technological expertise, Fincantieri constructs, rebuilds and takes care of some of the biggest superyachts across the globe from two main offices in Italy and 21 shipyards dotted across the world. One of the main yacht building operations is located at the Muggiano Shipyard, a naval shipyard that opened its doors near Genoa in La Spezia in 1983. The other is situated at Arsenale Triestino San Marco in Trieste. This facility is known as the special projects yard.


The company was originally founded as Società Finanziaria Cantieri Navali – Fincantieri Società per Azioni in 1959. Before becoming solely a shipyard, Fincantieri was a financial holding company that took care of various nautical undertakings. In 1984 eight of the company’s ancillaries merged and Fincantieri became an operational company. By 2013 a Norwegian group named VARD was acquired, which doubled the size of Fincantieri. The company expanded services and their market offering now includes: cruise ships, commercial ships, fast ferries and submarines. The vessels are mainly constructed in Italy and launched and maintained at Fincantieri shipyards around the globe.

Reputation of excellence

When the name Fincantieri is mentioned in the yachting industry it is immediately recognised as being synonymous with the luxury, style and technical advances associated with high-end cruising for pleasure. The company has a sterling reputation for not only meeting customer requirements to the highest standards, but also inside delivery deadlines and within the constraints of the budget. From the time that each project is conceptualised until it is completed, Fincantieri exceeds expectations.

1280px-Cantieri_Riva_Trigoso Notable yachts by Fincanctieri

Destriero – The yacht known as Destriero was delivered in 1991 by Fincantieri. The 67 metre long superyacht broke the world speed record the following year when it crossed the Atlantic without re-fuelling. It is rumoured that the Destriero averaged as much as 53 knots.

Serene – The Serene was launched in 2011. Reputed to be the most technologically advanced yacht in the world, the Serene is 134 metres long and boasts seven decks, a submarine and a large pool that can also be used as a tender bay.

Atom – Due for release in 2020, the Atom is a 135 metre superyacht with two helicopter landing areas, a 300sqm salon and an infinity pool.
Ocean Victory – The 140 metre luxurious yacht Ocean Victory is one of the largest yachts in the world. It is so big that it easily accommodates six swimming pools – exactly the kind of luxury expected by its owner, the Russian oligarch Viktor Rashnikov.

Why Fincantieri yachts are exceptional

Fincantieri combines sleek Italian design with top-class production techniques to create some of the most beautiful, elegant and technologically advanced ships on our oceans. Every yacht building project is infused with passion for quality and the keen eyes of generations of boat builders. To the team of experts at Fincantieri only perfection is acceptable.