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Dynamiq Shipyard – The Connoisseur’s Choice

Designed in Monaco, engineered in the Netherlands, and built in Italy, the Dynamiq range is a contemporary trilogy of smart conception, fresh invention and tenacious building. With cutting-edge quality, Dynamiq has launched itself amongst the world’s supreme superyacht designs and has firmly become entrenched with the connoisseurs.
Making its home in Italy’s Tuscan Coast, Dynamiq’s shipyard is one of today’s modern, high-tech facilities, building a full range of superyachts up to 45 meters long. Using diverse powertrain options, hybrid technology and employing the latest robotics in electric stabilizers and specialized hull control systems, the key concept of comfort onboard, whilst coasting or anchored, is cardinal.

Brainchild Becomes a Reality dynamiq yachts

CEO and founder, Sergei Dobroserdov, delivers his high-performance brand of technological modernism and polished design to an industry that is often berated for being overly traditional.
Born in Moscow, Sergei began his career as a Marine lawyer before taking directorship of Nakhimov Yachts where he managed the successful building of over twenty superyachts. After gaining experience through working with leading European shipyards such as Heesen Yachts, Benetti and Sanlorenzo, Sergei has accumulated a wealth of knowledge of contemporary superyacht building, design and obtaining high resale value.

Sergei’s brainchild, Dynamiq, became a reality in 2011 when he convened a dream-team of naval architects, yacht designers and universal thinkers to set up his brand. The 2016 Monaco Yacht Show had the privilege of Dynamiq’s first launch, the thirty-nine meter Jetsetter. He believed he can offer something more substantial that gives owners more choice when it comes to speed, range, order and customization. The intent of Dynamiq brand is to engineer the most economically capable and accomplished superyachts on the international market, in the thirty to fifty meter division. Sergei aims at maintaining quality standards and contractors, distinguished amongst leading European shipyards building one-hundred meter mega yachts.

New Award-Winning Contender

Dyanmiq expanded its range in 2017 with the GTT115, making her debut, and soon becoming widely renowned in Monaco. The GTT115 was designed by studio FA Porsche and nicknamed ‘the gentleman’s motor yacht’. It boasts hybrid propulsion for speed, performance and long-range cruising. Studio FA Porsche has stated that “We are looking forward to revealing new and innovative developments in the Dynamiq range in the near future.” To put the cherry on top, after being nominated for five Boat International Design & Innovation Awards, their GTT115 Hybrid won the award for Best Naval Architecture Semi-Displacement or Planning Motor Yachts, on January 28 in 2018, in Kitzbuhel, Austria.
Making a major splash as a new superyacht brand and contender, Dynamiq has acquired, in her early development stages, an array of awards to be proud of. Nominated as finalists in the Showboat Design awards 2017, The world Superyacht Awards 2017 finalists, The Asia Boat Awards 2017 finalists, the German Design Awards winner 2018 and the International Superyacht Society (ISS) award winner.

Establishing itself as a distributor brand, going beyond offering a smarter way to purchase a yacht, Dynamiq’s integrated philosophy is to craft a “smart yacht”, logically executed to get the maximum yachting experience, inundated with cutting-edge mechanics and automation.