Derecktor – An American Brand with Global Appeal


Derecktor Logo

Just after WWII, a talented American yacht builder decided that he was going to “build the world’s best boats”. In 1947, Robert E. Derecktor opened a small boat building shop on the waterfront in New York. From the very beginning, the name Derecktor was synonymous with hands-on craftsmanship, attention to every detail and personal design flair. The founding mission was one of uncompromising quality and dedication to the craft and art of yacht building. Today, the company has offices in Florida and New York, and a Derecktor yacht has become a status symbol and a badge of honor.

Despite the massive growth of the company and a client list of celebrities and ultra-wealthy from around the globe, Derecktor has remained very much a family business. Under the management of Robert’s son, Paul, Derecktor is the leading brand in the design, construction and rebuilding of aluminum yachts. The company not only produces aluminum yachts, but is also a respected shipbuilder using a variety of materials including, titanium, steel, fiberglass and wood.

Derecktor is also responsible for some of the latest innovations and designs of workboats and high-speed ferries.

The History of Derecktor – A Global Yacht Brand

From humble beginnings in Mamaroneck, NY, to the yacht empire with clients around the world, Derecktor has always maintained a personal approach to the design and construction of yachts.

One of the first boats built in the Derecktor boatyard was the Gulfstream 30. A wooden sloop designed by Sparkman & Stevens, the Gulfstream 30 was the first in the series of 30ft racing boats developed for the growing leisure and racing market. In 1950, the company delivered three boats to the NYPD Harbor Unit. The 50ft boats featured a unique design by Robert E. Derecktor. Throughout the 1950s and 60s the Derecktor brand flourished as a respected builder of wooden boats, specifically sloops, ketches and yawls. Many of the boats were based on designs by Robert, and constructed by a team of handpicked artisans and specialist shipbuilders.

Racing Champions – Derecktor Designs in the Americas Cup

In 1973, Robert Derecktor and Wally Frank were chosen to represent the USA as a member of the Admiral’s Cup Team in a racing sloop designed by Robert – the 54ft ‘Salty Goose’. The Derecktor designed ‘Stars and Stripes’ was the winner of the Americas Cup. The brand expanded during the early 1980s, 90s and well into the first decade of the 21st century, completing a range of boats, high-speed ferries, and yachts for its exclusive clientele. Each generation of designers and shipbuilders at Derecktor is trained by master professionals, to ensure the continuing tradition of quality, whilst celebrating the latest innovations in design.

One of the most famous yacht rebuilds by Derecktor was for ‘Cakewalk’ (2010), which was the largest yacht rebuilt in the USA since the 1930s. It ensured that Derecktor is now able to compete with the best European yacht builders and propelled the company to new heights and worldwide recognition.

With the latest addition of new large yacht slips at both the New York and Ft. Lauderdale premises, Derecktor is capable of refitting and rebuilding the largest of vessels, and with a growing celebrity clientele, the company looks set to continue its success for many years to come.