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Codecasa – Exceptional Shipbuilders


The smallest of details on every seafaring vessel created by the Italian shipyard Codecasa is carefully considered. Instead of being mass produced in a factory, Codecasa yachts are lovingly made in the shipyards of a family run business with a proactive approach. From the moment the general lines of every ship or boat are conceptualised until the final polish is applied, Fulvio Codecasa is involved. His hands-on style is what makes the Codecasa family business a distinctive contributor of some of the most luxurious yachts in our oceans. Every yacht is the only one of its kind, designed exclusively with its future owner in mind. Whether the preference is for a futuristic seafaring machine, a minimalist vessel for solitude or for a classic ship with all the glitz and glamour expected from the luxury yacht world, Codecasa will build it to the buyer’s specifications.


Established in 1825 by Giovanni Battista Codecasa, Codecasa shipyards are known across the world as builders of quality yachts. The company has maintained its flawless reputation as a top family run shipyard over the years. Codecasa embraces technological advances and exclusively creates high quality vessels. For this fine company only the best will do, and focus is placed on reliability and comfort without compromising on the design.

Rock Stars and Fashion Magnates Love Codecasa

The remarkable list of Codecasa clients includes many celebrities and entrepreneurs, who rely on the expertise and proficiency the company has been offering for centuries.

Some of the most exciting projects by Codecasa include:

Baglietto – Known for inventing the sand-blasted look for jeans and for using exotically printed fabrics in his designs, Roberto Cavalli does not disappoint with his choice in yacht design. The Baglietto is 41 metres long, and features not one but three colours on its surface. Depending on which angle you look at this incredible yacht from, it gleams in gold, iridescent green or shimmering purple.

Regina d'Italia

Regina d’Italia

Cyan – Measuring 49 metres, the Cyan luxury yacht belongs to the Irish rock star Bono. For over three decades Bono has been the front man of one of the most famous and successful bands in the world, U2. After devoting a huge amount of his fortune and time to charitable organisations, Bono certainly deserves the unique luxury a private yacht can afford.

Regina d’Italia – A 51 metre long yacht with water slides incorporated to ensure that guests have fun while spending time onboard, the Regina d’ Italia was custom created for the internationally renowned Italian fashion house Dolce and Gabbana. Known for their ultra-stylish lines of clothing, shoes and fashion accessories, the chic fashion house is an ideal match for the magnificent Regina d’Italia.

Main – Owned by one of the most successful Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, the Main is a beautiful yacht created by Codecasa. It is primarily used for celebrity parties and as a striking backdrop for high fashion magazine shoots. Measuring 65 metres, Main is easily distinguished by its unusual but elegant pitch-black finish. Just like its owner’s highly regarded products, this stunning yacht is the embodiment of elegance, class and luxury.