Christensen Shipyard Builds Exceptional Composite Yachts

Christensen Shipyard

Christensen Shipyard

The American company Christensen Shipyard is known as one of the top composite fibreglass ship builders in the world. Christensen operates from a high-tech production yard in Vancouver, Washington, where the company constructs fine quality super and mega yachts with great attention to detail.


known throughout the world for superior craftsmanship

known throughout the world for superior craftsmanship

Dave Christensen started building yachts in 1982 in collaboration with Westport Shipyards. Westport made the hulls and Christensen was responsible for the finish work. Three years later Christensen Shipyard started operating autonomously and opened its doors along the Columbia River in Washington, complete with moulds to build ship hulls independently. The company started creating luxury yachts for discerning seamen and women and soon became known throughout the seafaring world for superior craftsmanship and top building quality. Every yacht emerging from Christensen Shipyard conforms to the rigorous standards set by Maritime UK, the American Bureau of Shipping and the Coastguard Agency.

State of the Art Facilities

The Christensen Shipyard facility measures 55,000m2 and boasts a climate-controlled workspace and a marina that stretches over seven acres. In the heart of Christensen Shipyard there are 12 work bays; the hub of the production process. This is where every beautiful Christensen yacht is manufactured, assembled and finished. The painting bay is completely enclosed to provide the ideal environment in which to paint yacht exteriors. One bay has a very high ceiling which enables the ship builders to complete all work on the yacht indoors before the final work is done after the yacht is moved to the water. Another one of the bays features an expandable mould that produces hulls of 100 to 165 feet in length. Although a variety of options for hull construction exists, Christensen yachts are built using a method called sandwich composite, whereby the superstructure and hulls are made of different materials before being bonded. This innovative method produces immensely strong composite yachts.

A Marina Second to None

As many as seven Christensen yachts and as much as 350 tons can be accommodated in the large enclosed marina at Christensen Shipyard, which forms part of the Christensen Shipyard’s manufacturing hub. This is where all the in-water construction takes place and also where new owners can take delivery of their yachts.

Award Winning Craftsmanship

The Thomas Spirit yacht, manufactured by Christensen Shipyard won the prestigious annual YachtBroker’s ‘Mega Yacht of the Year’ award in 2004. Another Christensen yacht, the beautiful silver and black M/Y Odessa won the World Superyacht Awards in 2010 as well as being in the finals for other competitions.

Ultimate Luxury and Privacy

The Privacy is a 155 foot luxury yacht built by Christensen Shipyard for the internationally renowned golfer Tiger Woods. Rumoured to have cost around US$20 million, the Privacy is made of composite material and has a Jacuzzi pool and luxurious furnishings and fittings.

Yacht Brokerage

Besides building some of the strongest and well-made yachts in our oceans, Christensen also offers yacht brokerage services whereby pre-owned Christensen yachts are sold.