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Style, Innovation and Quality

Azimut Yachts is an Italian yacht building company located in the province of Turin in Avigliana. It was established in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli. Azimut is a world leader in the construction of exclusive yachts sized between 12 and 45 meters. In over four decades of operation the company has become a legendary name in the industry.

Seafaring Art

Azimut serves its extensive customer base in over 130 operational points around the globe. The company has service centres, customer offices, representatives and dealers throughout Europe, Asia, South and North America. The Azimut Yachts ship building yards are situated in Italy, China and Brazil. From here the designers, architects and ship builders at Azimut work together to construct yachts that are not only seafaring vessels, but also works of art. Every vessel leaving the Azimut shipyard is an up-to-the-minute masterpiece.

The Beginning

Azimut Grande Yacht

Azimut Yachts was established in 1969 when a young student called Paolo Vitelli started a sailing boat chartering business. After operating for a year some of the most respected yachting brands chose Vitelli’s company to distribute their ships in Italy. Soon Azimut expanded operations to include designing of new yachts. The company joined forces with Amerglass, a Dutch shipyard, and designed a mass-produced fibreglass boat called the AZ 43’ Bali which became an immediate success. The range of yachts the company designed was gradually expanded.
In 1985 Azimut acquired Benetti and started its own production. Benetti is a historical brand that had been building seafaring vessels since 1873 and was responsible for the original concept of the megayacht. Through this acquisition Azimut was able to make an impact on the ship building industry by redefining industry standards. This was the start of electric seats, frameless windows and walnut interiors. From the 1990s Azimut acquired more boatyards, restructured the Benetti boatyards at Viareggio and constructed a new site in Avigliana. This set the company up to become a leading builder of yachts and megayachts.

Ship Building Facilities

The ship building facilities at Azimut headquarters incorporate a 100,000 square meter facility that houses offices and the construction area. Up to 300 boats of up to 21 meters in size can be built at this facility every year. Larger yachts are constructed at other facilities including the Azimut boatyard at Itajai in Brazil – a facility that is 200,000 square meters big and offers state-of-the-art boat building technologies.

Luxury Yachts That Stand for Value

One of the main reasons prospective yacht owners select an Azimut yacht is beauty – Azimut yachts are works of art. But besides aesthetics, the intrinsic value of a yacht should also be taken into consideration. Azimut places focus on aspects like quality, comfort, technological advances, elegant living solutions and safety. Beauty is not valuable if it is not able to challenge the seasons, provide comfort and safety and withstand the test of time. Azimut not only produces beautiful yachts, but also guarantees value. It is the ideal purchase for those who are passionate about the ocean.